Areas of activity

Our NGO works in many areas, of which there are three main ones:


Raising public awareness of healthy eating for children, youth and adults.
Conducting lectures and seminars for the general audience at health care facilities (maternity hospitals, nutrition of cancer patients, different types of diets for patients with different degrees of morbidity).
Educating doctors (consultations, thematic seminars and webinars, conferences and workshops on nutrition) in the idea that treatment is not only medicine but also optimal nutrition and that it is the doctor who should communicate this message to the patient and inspire them to new habits.
Interacting with the country’s top leadership, opinion leaders, business elite and public figures to implement an optimized menu in educational institutions (kindergartens, schools) and health care institutions (hospitals).
Conducting master classes on cooking healthy meals.


Studying the prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents, identify the main risk factors for their development, as well as assess the impact of metabolic disorders on school performance, the incidence of colds, the development of somatic pathology. This will be the first study, to be conducted in Ukraine and also in the CIS. We invite everyone that wishes to take part in the study to contact our team.
Conducting scientific research amongst the population (questionnaires, measurements, laboratory indicators). Our team has already conducted a study of the impact of a low-carbohydrate diet on the correction of overweight and metabolic parameters in adults.


Modernization of the school nutrition in order to prevent overweight and obesity. Currently, the school menu is a total “sugar bomb” (cookies, waffles, marmalade, cheesecakes, pies, rolls, juices), which is not conducive to a healthly diet.
Grants for free dietary support for patients with diabetes, heart failure, osteoarthritis / hepatosis.

Apply for free dietary support

Association of Adult and Children Nutriment

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